Alpha-Peel (A.H.A)

with fruit acids
Exfoliate - Re-textured
All skin types
An “anti-wrinkle-re newer” that gently eliminates dull, lifeless cells.

Refines skin’s surface,
promotes a brighter luminous and healthier look with no irritation,
works to erase wrinkle traces as it infuses deep hydration,
helps uncover a smoother texture and youthful, luminous skin coloring.
Main ingredients: 15% extracts (8% pure AHAs) of pineapple, passion fruit and grape, mimosa tenuiflora, beech buds, hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5 and aloe vera.
Use in the p.m. after cleansing and toning. Spread evenly over face and neck. In the case of sensitive skin, follow with an application of your favorite night cream.